Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coming At You In A Nudge.

Hey yall. So I've been getting worked by Digger on my blog game lately. I promise to bring more substance. I think I'm going to start focusing more on music, particularly indie bands. I just started volunteering for Radio K, our university station, and will be reviewing handfuls of albums each week. This should provide a good opportunity to expose some underappreciated/unfamiliar bands to my 2 blog readers. I might actually start to Radio K's blog doing show reviews and band spotlight/updates, but until it's official stick to this. In the mean time here is a band you should listen too and is playing 7th street entry at first ave. feb. 11th. Later blogfaces.

School of Seven Bells


  1. I like the tune. And I hope I am one of your two readers.

  2. congrats to skateboard P... 1st place in grade 5 is no joke!

    give Seventeen Years by Ratatat a listen... see if you like it... I cannot stop listening to it.

    ps... I hate those damn Word Verification things.

  3. Wow thanks for commenting guys! I really didn't think there was a chance anybody even looked at this.

    I liked the song matty. I had heard of Ratatat, but had never heard any of there music. Thanks!

  4. I really enjoy hearing new/different kinds of music... I think it would be cool to just exchange iPods, or what have you, with someone who is completely different from myself.

    That guy, ronaldjenkees, has some neat tunes... but I really don't like his look because I'm almost certain that it's a facade.. if I'm wrong, I'll open wide and eat my words.