Monday, February 23, 2009

The Temper Trap.

So crazy how things work, but I kind of found out about this band in the most random way. Today I'm minding my own Lab Bro duties when this guy (John Hardy...more on him later) says what's up. We get to talking and find out that we are both into music. He actually has his own company but that will get it's own post soon. He suggested a few Drum & Bass podcasts to me so I checked them out. The one I enjoyed most was Hospital Records. The first band they plugged was a band from Melbourne, Australia called The Temper Trap. It sounded great so I went to their myspace page, which most definitely locked me up as "a fan." Currently they only have an EP available for purchase with standouts "Sweet Disposition" and my favorite "Science of Fear." For $4 this is worth the purchase on iTunes. I anticipate heavy spin in my earbuds for the next week at least. Who know, it could hold up even longer.

Check out this mother f'n song. Damn.

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