Monday, February 9, 2009


I wasn't able to see the Grammys last night, but I did catch some video of the performances last night. What I saw did not impress me (even though the "swagga like us" video posted below was pretty ill). I realize it's the Grammys and we expect to see the artist that abuse our eardums on a daily basis via radio, but enough is enough. It would be hugely appreciated if the great people that run the Grammys quit lying to themselves and us. "A Mili" by Lil Wayne is NOT the best rap solo performance of the year. "Viva La Vida" is NOT the best song of the year especially after two bands have claimed the song was stolen by Chris Martin (I don't think he stole the song but still). These are just two examples of how stupid the Grammys are, not to mention Raphael Saadiq was mother f'n snubbed. All I want is for the Grammys to celebrate the BEST music of the year. Checking the billboards is not a logical way of determining this. I don't want to see Kanye, Coldplay, Jay-Z, and U2 perform over and over again every year (the John Legend/Corinne Bailey Rae/John Mayer performance a few years ago was the shit however). Instead, lets shed some spotlight to new bands (fuck it. they don't even need to be nominees). Bands that can perform heads and shoulders above what we see year after year. Sorry for the rant, I just believe that I could improve this so called "music night of the year," into something that would make a more lasting impression on the mostly musically brainwashed viewers at home.

P.S. I realize that this is all kind of the "hippster" idealogy, but me and my skinny jeans will not budge on this.

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