Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital Divide.

I last talked about the problem of internet addiction. That might seem a little more relatable than the next issue of the digital divide. The digital divide is defined as the gap between those who have access to information and communication technologies and those who don't. This is especially prominent in Africa, which in some parts remain decades behind the rest of the world in the digital frontier. To think that somebody cannot stroll over to their local coffee shop and pick up a wifi connection with their laptop seems pretty bizarre, but yes, there are places that do not have the internet, like Africa.

Many people have have identified this as a major issue, which it is. In order for us to help less fortunate nations technology is a necessity. Technology is so crucial because it is our most legitimate shot at being able to educate a population, especially while they are young. There are companies and individuals that are devoting their lives to this cause like One Laptop Per Child (OLPC). Their mission is by through donations they will be able to provide one laptop per child in Africa in order to give them the tools and skills (especially education) they need to succeed around the world. Below you can view a video that will better articulate their message in an animated video!

You may think that the digital divide is only an issue in Africa, but it is more than likely happening in your own community. In a country where more and more information and services are being merged onto the web the demand to get everyone synced in very large. Minorities tend to be most effected by the digital divide and in order for us to be united as a nation we need to come up with a solution to get everyone on the internet that wants to be.

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