Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I don't recall posting about these young chaps hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, but if I did who gives a shit. The Pomegranates are that good. Funny story. I have actually bought their first full length album 2 or 3 times now because it mysteriously disappeared off my computer multiple times. That's what I get for buying music on iTunes. But I have an external hard drive now. It's quite large and can hold all my beautiful ear whisperers just like Noah's Ark held beautiful animals of all walks. Wow what a terrible metaphor, but I do this in life all the time so why try and come up with awesome ones for the blog. Well my ADD has led me astray, but lets stay the course, 1,000 points of light (I think my roommate might be the only person that truly appreciates that joke). Exibit A, the feature film, disney on ice.... 'Everybody, Come Outside!' is the Pomegrantes second full length release and it truly rocks the party. The first 2 seconds (it's a crazy little fluttering guitar bit) of the first track "Corriander" can pretty much sum up Pomegranates in a nut shell. They use their guitars in a very disticnt way, which easily distiguishes Pomegranates from others, but their vocals are equally effective at this. The rest of the album does not disappoint. Each track makes its own mark and they transition nicely together to make one beautiful cohesive album. Personally I think the album is good enough to listen to straight through every time. However, there are stand out tracks. "Sleepover," "Svaatzi Uutsi" and "Jerusalem Has A Bad Day" are all excellent, but like I said earlier the whole album is terrific so don't just settle for these. Develop your own favorites. These are mine damnit. Jk, I'm just funin'.

By the way. Their album isn't supposed to come out until April 14th. They have made it available for purchase digitally though! So go buy it right now. Plus the play right here in Minneapolis on April 19th at First Ave. 7th Street Entry with Wye Oak. Don't miss it. I hear their live show is fantastic.

Be sure to check out their myspace

Here's a track off their debut album 'Everything Is Alive." It's called "Whom/Who."


  1. checking them out nowww... ear whispers reminded me of "beautiful nose clams fresh from the sea!".. haha.. made my laugh. maybe I'll come up and see them when they preform.. would be nice to get out.


  2. arg! perform! where is the edit butttttton!

  3. that would be sweet if you came to see them. you are more than welcome to come stay at my place.