Monday, March 16, 2009


Lookbook = my new current obsession. Well maybe not entirely obsessed, but for sure one of the songs, 'Believe the Hype.' Lookbook is a two piece band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are both formaly members of the band Digitata, which you may or not be familiar with. For one reason or another the band split and the remaining two members formed Lookbook. They actually played a show at 7th street entry the other night before leaving for SXSW. I missed it. Not smile times, but if it is anything like the Digitata shows used to be I'm sure it was stellar. Anywhoooo, go to their myspace and check out the song 'Believe the Hype' first, you'll be hooked. This is pretty cliche of me, but if you were driving someplace desolate during the night this might be one of the best songs to fire up. I just recently purchased their 7 song album, which is solid, but no song comes close to topping 'Believe the Hype.' Lookbook is the Minneapolis underground music scene at its best and I hope they kill it at SXSW. I thought Digitata deserved my press than they got so hopefully they'll pull a Bon Iver and blow the doors off the bitch. A little side note - Maggie Morrison, the vocalist in Lookbook, is from Eau Claire and is friends with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. So the idea of Lookbook rackin' up some spins nationally is a very realistic possibility.


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