Monday, March 2, 2009

Kanye On VH1 Story Tellers.

So if you didn't check out Vh1 storytellers with Kanye you missed out big time. He ended up playing 10 songs, which were extended in most cases. In every case the song was tweaked and completely original, meaning better! I don't normally give songs like 'Heartless' and 'Love Lockdown' much spin, but these versions were exceptional, especially 'Love Lockdown." Oh, and the stage was crazy amazing.

Now I feel it's necessary for me to share a couple of words about Ye himself. Ever since I saw his glow in the dark tour (9th Row!) its been really easy for me to be a Kanye hater. Especially after he concluded the show with a 20 minute rant about how he was going to be the best musician to ever live. Then, leading up to the release of '808's and Heartbreak,' this was another golden opportunity to reinforce my 'hater status' because of the use of auto-tone, but a little piece inside of me was super curious of the new album. I ended up getting it, and was surprisingly, very impressed with Ye's latest release. Because of all this I've come to peace with my Jonners Kanye relationship. I've realized that it is so easy to be a Kanye hater, but if you look past egoism and the George Bush comment (hahahaha), there is so much more about Kanye that you can benefit from. Vh1 Storytellers is a prime example. Ye keeps on pushing the envelope and the artist around him to make better music. With all that being said I'll leave you with yet another controversial quote from Mr. West.

"My biggest pain in life is that I'll never get to see me perform live."

One could chose to view this as egotistical, but I'm going to chose to interpret it as Kanye wishing he could see somebody perform that poured as much heart and soul into the music that they create. This is very evident on his new album and on Vh1 Storytellers. Kanye is human just like everybody else and has gone through a heartbreaking 2008. So embrace the man because he is going to be around as long as he wants to keep making music.

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