Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm On Twitter.

A few months ago I started using the fastest growing social networking site on the web, Twitter. I was always a hater of Twitter, but if you haven't tried it than I don't think your opinion is as legitimate. Subsequently I joined up and I think that I can form a concrete opinion on this relatively new phenomenon. The results are in and Twitter passed the test. Believe the hype. Over the past couple of months I've spent tweeting I've really enjoyed it. It is the first social networking site, shit, the first anything to allow you an inside look at celebrities, who are in some cases your god damn idols. Some of the people I follow are John Mayer, P Diddy, Ellen, Rev Run, Shaq, Martha Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, N.E.R.D. along with many others including friends. Twitter is also a great way to get up to the second news by following the New York Times, CNN, or NPR for example. While this is all great there are some things that I wish I could improve in my Twitterverse. In order to really engage with this new technology a mobile phone with a twitter application is essential (i.e. an iPhone or Blackberry). You can tweet from your cell phone, I think you have to pay standard texting fees and I don't think you are able to see other people tweets. I do all my tweeting from either my iPod Touch or from my computer. I still enjoy this method of using Twitter, but having an iPhone would make the Twitter experience even cooler. Another thing about Twitter is that the more friends you have using it, the more fun it becomes. I only have a few friends that I follow and likewise. However, it's still fun. Sorry if this is written really poorly. I just got a mondo headache about half way through and at this point I'm just trying to complete it. Anyways my verdict was in favor of the good people at Twitter. Go and use it, you'll probably enjoy it. You don't even have to tweet yourself just get on and follow your favorite celebrities or use it as a news source. In order to make your Twitter transition easier you can go ahead and follow me as a template.
My Twitter Page Hope you see you all on there!

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