Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So You Think You're Fly?

When Theophilus London steps into the room you'll surely be outdone. Theo's signature cutout camera chain says it all. But it doesn't stop there. He does some pretty super hip-hop as well. So super, that some are even saying that he is laying the groundwork for the resurrection of good hip-hop. Me personally, would not consider myself a hip-hop fanatic. But Theo has definitely captured my attention. With the help of label mate, Machinedrum (normrex), Theo has put together two fantastic mixtapes. The first mixtape embodies a Michael Jackson theme, appropriately titled, Jam! The second one draws influence from his early influences like Whitney Houston and The Smiths. Hence "This Charming Mixtape," a play on The Smiths song, "This Charming Man," for the title of mixtape number two. In the large scope, I've been really impressed with the production of mixtapes that have come out in past year or so. We've seen Charles Hamilton an almost redundant amount of mixtapes with the "Hamiltonization Process" and then also with Kid CuDi's "Man on the Moon." Theo's "Jam!" and "This Charming Mixtape" deserve to be in the same category and I would even put him a notch above Kid CuDi. Mixtapes have become a super marketing tool for these artists, which has benefited both the listener and the artist because they are free and gives people something to bump in anticipation to their new album. Personally I think they work the best for artist making their debut. Just a hype machine. So mixtapes are great and so is Theophilus London. He actually just came out with his debut album last week called "This Charming Man." Since I just recently started listening to Theo I haven't had a chance to fully explore his mixtapes yet, so I'm going to wait to purchase this for a little while. If it's anything like his mixtapes we should all be in for a treat. I'll end this by quoting Theo and giving some much appreciated love to all of you for sticking with this blog. "This one's for my day one fans."

Here's a sweet ass song called "Hum Drum"

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