Friday, April 3, 2009


Well hello there blogfaces. Don't worry, I didn't forget about you. I've just been occupied with shit that's definitely not as important as you all. This next week I'm going to hit the blog hardcore. There are like 4 shows worth seeing this weekend which would be totally rad if I could make it to all of them. Unfortunately only one concert will be graced with my presence. Wow that was arrogant. So incase you haven't heard of the crazy awesome fun going on this weekend I'll provide the details for you.

-Headlights play at the Nomad World Pub on cedar ave.
-Rouge Buddha Art gallery is again hosting the Scion art tour deal. I went last year and it was dope. They will have free Colt 45's wine, non-alcoholic beverages and food. It's from 7-11. If you want to hang out with me tonight that's where I'll be.
-Lookbook is opening up for Junior Boys at First Ave. main room tonight. I still need to see lookbook live. They have many other dates coming up soon at a much cheaper price. Thats cool they get to play main room though. Yay!

-Los Campesino! play at the Fine Line Cafe. I forget who they are playing with. I actually just started listening to these guys. I like them and read their blog because it's awesome, but I'm going to opt for.....
-Say Hi... (To Your Mom) at 7th St. Entry, my favorite venue in the cities. They have cheap PBR tall boys until 11 and the venue is just the bomb. Great place to see new upcoming bands before they sell out (hahahahaha totally kiding lol omg.) Anyways a band called Telekinesis is opening up for them. I own one of their songs and totally dig it so I'm hoping I'll just get blow away at this show. Plus I don't own any Say Hi... but I have listened to their myspace and they seem sweet. Oh, and the show is only 6 bucks. Hell yes.

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