Monday, April 20, 2009

Live Show Review: Pomegranates.

First off, Pomegranates like to do what I describe as "Rock The Party." Not is so much of a literal sense, although they definitely demonstrated that the could last night, but in more of a every day type of use. Like for example....

Some Person: Hey man are you ready to go to the grocery store?

Me: Yeah dude, let's rock the party.

Now that my crash course on "Rock The Party" is complete let's get to how rad Pomegranates are. I've been itching to see how these fellows sound live and to my delight, they played at 7th Street Entry last night, which if I could have chosen prior to, would have been my venue of choice. Off to a great start. The only thing that sort of bummed me out was the number of people in attendance...around 20. But it turned out to be ok. Poms played like it was a sellout crowd. Appreciated. I don't think they actually told the audience who they were until about 4 song in. Instead they introduced themselves under a few different alias' like 3 ninjas plus one for example. There were a few others that I can't currently recall, but awesome non the less. With exception to the drummer, the other three rotated instruments playing guitar, bass and the keys throughout the show. What an added bonus to know that these guys are super talented musicians on top of playing ridiculously fun music. They even pulled a dude out of the crowd to play the tambourine for the last song. Overall these guys blew me away. I went in expecting a good show, but they far exceeded my expectations despite a small turnout. To put the icing on the cake they seemed super genuine too. I got to meet/talk to Joey after the show and was a super cool dude. He even said that despite the small showing, that this was the most fun that they've had on tour thus far. Their performance surely seemed to reflect that. Wow, so I realize I've just been gushing about this band, but there is one final thing that made this night fantastic. Instead of t-shirts, they were selling aprons. I coped one, and am definitely going to get the BBQ going.

-Their album "Everyone, Come Outside!" just came out so buy it baby. You won't be disappointed.
-Wye Oak headlined the show and was pretty rad. The guy counterpart in the band played the drums with one hand while playing the bass on the keyboard with the other. Crazy.

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  1. hilarious! i love this review.. i feel like i was there! and apron? umm, awesome.