Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Releases - 4/7/09

There are many releases today worthy of a purchase. Example, The Veils have a new album out along with Bat For Lashes, Telikenesis, and The Thermals. However none of them stand out more than the brilliantly named, Dananananaykroyd. I heard about these guys a while back through their band friends, Los Campesinos! I'm quite sure I will be buying this album today, despite my struggling bankroll. The song you should listen to first is 'Black Wax.' I've provided you with the video. I don't care if you like Dananananaykroyd or not, it's Tuesday. (i.e. release day) So go out there and support good music and get yourself an album on one of the most exceptional release dates of 09'.

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